Faux Finishes

Old World Art; New Age Appeal!

Decorate your walls and architecture with class in Orange County, California. At Diamond Custom Finishes, we specialize in creating a variety of faux finishes that bring style and elegance back to your home or business. As with our painting services, you can rest assured that we are using the best products and that the results will leave you and your guests breathless.

What’s Your Flavor?

What type of look do you want featured in your home? We create many types of looks, whether you want an old world look and feel to your space or a new and contemporary style. Let us give your living space that wow factor with our faux finishes today!

Choose Your Finish?

We use a variety of faux finishing effects. We can use glazes in drying paint that we manipulate to achieve the desired effect. For a leathery look on your wall, the frottage technique comes in handy. We use tints in a free-form finish to create slight color variations using multiple hues of glaze blended together. Tell us the look you want, and we can come up with some very creative results.

Here are some other special finishes we offer:
• Sponging & Ragging with Paints, Stains, & Glazes
• Creating Patina Finishes (For the Old World Tarnished Look)
• Creating Textures with Venetian Plaster (Appearing Textured but Smooth to the Touch)
• Antiquing & Craquelure (Crackled Finish-Aged Cracks for an Antique Look)
• Marbleizing or Faux Marbling
• Glazing finishes-color washing

To bring out a unique flare in your home’s décor with our faux finishes, call, e-mail, or send a text message to us today.